PawCoin: The coin that helps dog's charities

We are dog lovers, and we are tired of seeing how the volunteers of the associations are not sufficiently helped by the government. They are lacking in resources, and we believe that we can help in this field.


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Our Project

PawCoin arises from the need to help aid associations for abandoned dogs aswell as raise awareness to society about the torture, abuse and neglect that dogs face every day. However, sadly dogs are still abandoned on the street. We realized, that we can do something more!

We have created a crypto currency with the idea of ​​being able to help as many dogs as possible. Pawcoin was born with the goal of helping as many dogs as possible utilising Blockchain technology.

We had a 6% premine to help towards starting the project we will also be donating these coins towards dog associations as government help is much too small.

Special Events

10 Feb 2018

PawCoin born

Pawcoin was born with the goal of helping as many dogs as possible with blockchain technology.

14 Feb 2018

Our first exchange!


Pawcoin was listed on our first exchange!

05 Mar 2018

Web Updated

PawCoin Team publish the upgraded website with many changes and improvements.

15 Mar 2018


PawCoin Team publish the upgraded wallet with masternode capability and some more improvemnts

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